¡Mi casa es su casa!

¡Mi casa es su casa!

The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household
The district or country where one was born or has settled on a long-term basis:”
The family or social unit occupying a permanent residence

The definition you see here is how many dictionaries would define the term Home. 
Is this an acceptable definition? Maybe. But is it an accurate definition of how we perceive Home? I doubt that.

There is NO WAY I could ever truly understand what Home is to you, but I will tolera… no..  accept it!

For me, home is:
- A concept, not just a place.
- A choice, not purely by chance.
- A living entity
- A state of mind

My Home isn’t situated in a singular location for it is widespread and it moves constantly. It extends from the room I’m renting, to the friends I’ve met, all the way across the globe to where my family lives, and finally back into the depths of my bed covers!
Home is the place/people/state-of-mind I will run to when I want to hide from everything else and pick myself up.

And you know what I like best about my Home?  It is open to everyone, and I’m willing to share it.

Better access to commercial travels and re-location services have paved the way for a better socio-economic globalization as well as wider and extensive cultural interactions. Diplomacy has evolved since the last war and generally, this world is heading for a very culturally diverse future. We as world citizens could either choose to clash… or we could choose to co-exist.

Tell me about your Home. Send it to marvil.comics@gmail.com and I’ll make sure to include your definitions on the next post.

Jag heter Marvil Iglesias, jobbar med kommunikation för Dance For Love i år. Är utbildad i kulturgeografi och evolutonsbiologi. För mig är det viktigt att påpeka att vad man än gör måste man ha kärlek och respekt som drivkraften bakom. Därför valde jag jobba med DFL.